About Us

Hello, my name is Kamilah Bessie and I am the Owner of Galactic Roots Mama. I started this company to motivate young women to stay empowered in pursuing their dreams while taking care of their hair and the environment.
Galactic Roots Mama means so much to me because it is not only a line of products that I make by hand using natural, organic ingredients and essential oils. It is also a community of empowered women that all relate on the terms of loving ourselves and our Mother Earth.

In 2020, shortly after loosing my spouse and mid-pandemic, I decided to launch Galactic Roots Mama even though it might have seemed a tough time to do. I always knew there was a creative seed planted in me ever since I was a young girl attending a performing arts school. It was at the age of 5 when my passion for hair was born.

Galactic Roots Mama empowers the creativity in me because I get to alchemize earthly ingredients and run a business from home. But most importantly, I make women feel good about themselves and taking care of the environment!
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Kamilah Bessie